Peppers Ghost

Pepper’s Ghost is the original technique that amazed the world with Tupac and The Black Eyed Peas. As the Rolls Royce of hologram design, it gives beautiful results, but unfortunately not every production has enough time or space to be able use it.

Randstand 50th Anniversary

New 3DHolonet

Our new patent-pending 3DHolonet is a convenient solution at a lower price. projecting a video image onto a highly transparent scrim. It’s fast and easy to install, and can be moved and reused many times.

Symphony To A Lost Generation


3DHolonet is the next generation in video hologram technology, with a super bright image obtained by incorporating real silver into the projection surface.


Our new 3DHolonet is a quick and easy alternative where the audience is at least a few metres away from the screen, and the surrounding lighting levels can be controlled for optimal viewing conditions.


We simply project onto this highly transparent surface, and carefully light behind it. The 3DHolonet becomes invisible, and the projected images seem to exist in free space.


New 3DHolonet testing

We wanted to test our fabulous 3DHolonet outdoors to see how it performed. But…

Amazing results

…even we were astounded by the brightness and clarity, see for yourself on the next slide.


Installing 3DHolonet couldn’t be simpler.


Just hang the 3DHolonet from a truss or a bar. To make this even easier we can fit eyelets and bungees, theatre ties or any other suitable hanging method for a flat and even result.


Lightly tension the 3DHolonet to remove any wrinkles.
We can add a pipe pocket if desired.



The real silver in 3DHolonet makes video projections extremely bright. When projecting on any gauze or net, some of the light passes through the holes creating a secondary image behind the screen.

We can give advice on where to place your projectors so the secondary can’t be seen.

Reusing and recycling

Unlike Pepper’s Ghost foil, 3DHolonet can be moved and reused many times. When the screen reaches the end of its useful life, we offer discounts on future purchases if you recycle it with us.
Please ask for more details.

Design, content and consultancy

We want you to have the best experience of working with us, and will give you as little or as much support as you need. From friendly tips, to consultancy or turnkey delivery, we can help you with projection, content, lighting, staging – and any other aspect of your show, for both 3DHolonet and Pepper’s Ghost projects.

Whether you’re a first time user, or a video hologram professional, get in touch to be part of the magic!

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